One-Time Cleaning Services

Why wait until the calendar turns to spring to have a deep clean of your business or office? With Pristine Clean’s commercial one-time cleaning, a spring deep clean is possible year round. We offer cleaning packages featuring a variety of services to best fit your business’ needs. If your business is in a multistory building or has a handful of employees, Pristine Clean has the professional and trained cleaners to get the job done.

Some professional cleaning services attempt to save money on cleaning products by using the cheapest available, dismissing the impact these products may have on your health and the environment. Products used by Pristine Clean, such as Method and Bona, are nontoxic and biodegradable, minimizing environmental impact. Even our disposable cleaning cloths are bamboo, a biodegradable and renewable resource.

How Can One-Time Cleaning Help My Business?

Running a business often goes beyond 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. There’s always something remembered after the day ends. If your busy day doesn’t leave much time to clean the workplace, here are some of the ways Pristine Clean’s one-time commercial cleaning service in Gainesville, FL, can help!

After-Hours Cleaning

We know you’d rather spend time with family and friends instead of cleaning after you clock out of the office. Our after-hours appointments accommodate your schedule, and our commercial cleaners in Gainesville will have the office ready long before the first person arrives in the morning.

Holiday Prep

The hustle and bustle of the holidays often leave little time to think about the look of the office. This is where cleaning services for businesses such as Pristine Clean’s commercial one-time cleaning can lend your business several helping hands. Our professional cleaners will get your workplace ready to hang garland and lights in no time.

Employee Gatherings & Office Parties

Planning an office party takes time and coordination. The last thing you want to do before – or after – is have an entire office to clean. Pristine Clean’s office cleaning services are tailor-made for getting your office ready or cleaning up after the fun of an office party.

Client Meetings

Your clients already have a great impression of your business. Help them reinforce that opinion when they walk in for a meeting after a commercial one-time cleaning from Pristine Clean. Business cleaning companies like ours understand the importance of impressions and provide the highest-quality cleaning services to businesses of all sizes.

After Remodeling or Moving

Whether your office is moving next door, across town, or undergoing serious remodeling, our thorough and efficient cleaning services get rid of the dust bunnies for you. There is plenty to take care of during a move or remodel, so let our Gainesville commercial cleaning services check off the cleaning task for your business.

Pristine Clean Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company

A clean business environment does more than looking good on the outside. Even a one-time cleaning can get rid of germs that can make employees ill while improving satisfaction and productivity. Customers and visitors alike will comment on how professional your business looks, furthering your relationships with them. With Pristine Clean’s professional cleaning services, whether on a one-time or a recurring schedule, you can count on your business always putting its best foot forward. To schedule a commercial one-time cleaning, call Pristine Clean today!