Cleaning Before, During & After Construction Projects

If you’ve begun new construction on a business in Gainesville, FL or are planning an upcoming remodel, cleaning is probably the furthest from your mind. There are many other things to think about aside from who may or may not sweep after the contractors leave for the day. But for an employee-safe work area, let the professionals at Pristine Clean™ handle the after construction cleaning! Our team uses eco-friendly cleaning products to keep the dust and dirt at bay throughout the construction or remodeling process. When you schedule construction cleaning services from Pristine Clean™ before construction ends, there are many benefits everyone.

Employee & Customer Health

After construction cleaning is a great way to reduce the health impact of dust and particulate debris. These materials can irritate airways and respiratory systems of employees and customers, causing health issues such as asthma and respiratory infections.

Reduce Safety Risks

Any size of construction project creates a mess in more ways than one. If surfaces and walkways aren’t cleaned up, the risk of slips, trips, and falls increases for anyone in the construction area. Part of Pristine Clean™’s post construction cleaning services in Gainesville, FL is ensuring the construction area is safe for everyone. We thoroughly clean all surfaces, including shelving, removing accumulated dust and small debris.

Streamline Construction

Once one contractor is done with their part, the next is able to get right to work when the area is clean. There’s no waiting to sweep a slick surface or hazy windows wiped down, costing precious time and money. The construction clean-up pros with Pristine Clean™ help everyone stay on schedule by quickly cleaning the area, making sure it’s ready for the next contractor before they arrive.

When Construction Clean-Up Is Needed

With our convenient scheduling options, whenever you need construction clean-up, you can count on Pristine Clean™ to be there.

New Construction

New construction projects often have stages and many contractors involved. Each stage presents its own reason for clean-up. Scheduling a cleaner service in Gainesville may seem tedious, but it's a proactive way to keep progress going. Contractors are able to begin work on their scheduled day without waiting for a clean-up crew.


Remodeling is an exciting time for many people as you watch an old space in a business receive a new look. But before kicking back and enjoying the new area, the entire business often needs cleaning. When our team comes in, we take care to vacuum all carpeting and upholstery, wipe down ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other surfaces.

Construction Clean Up Services In Gainesville

Don’t let the construction dust settle before you begin enjoying the results, call Pristine Clean™ today to schedule our construction cleanup service! Keeping your business clean during a construction or remodeling project isn’t hard to do when you work with Pristine Clean™. Our team quickly gets rid of the dust and dirt that accumulate during each stage without interfering with contractors or daily business. Call us today to learn more about our construction clean up services in Gainesville!