Green Cleaning in Gainesville, FL

At Pristine Clean™, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cleaning services while at the same time being a green cleaning company. As a green company, we offer eco-friendly cleaning services to benefit both the environment and our customers. All of the products we use for cleaning are non-toxic, biodegradable, and just as effective at cleaning as their counterparts. This means you get the same impeccable results all the while protecting our natural resources and minimizing harmful effects to our environment. Whether you’re in need of residential cleaning services or afterhours commercial cleaners, count on Pristine Clean™ to get the job done.

Our Green Products

In order to always provide our customers with the safest and most-effective cleaning services at a competitive price, we are always looking for new advancements in reliable, environmentally friendly cleaning products. One of the main product lines that we use for cleaning is Method. Our Method products are all non-toxic and biodegradable so they don’t negatively impact our environment like harsh, traditional cleaning products do. Even the Method disposable cloths that we use are biodegradable and renewable, as they are made of compostable bamboo fibers, proving just as effective as other cleaning cloths without impacting the environment as much when they end up in the landfill.

Another line of products that we trust is Bona. Bona products are mainly used as floor cleaners; they are non-toxic and are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. Bona products can be used to clean both hardwood floors and hard surface floors. All the vacuums that we use are also environmentally conscious and are equipped with digital motors that produce zero emissions and use up less energy than most other types of traditional vacuums.

Green Cleaning Services in Gainesville, FL

Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

At Pristine Clean™, we strongly believe in doing our part to protect the environment and our customers. All of the products that we use are environmentally friendly so that the footprint that we leave from our services is as minimal as possible. Using green cleaning products isn’t just to offer the best for our environment, it is also to offer the best to our customers. Most traditional cleaning products are full of chemicals and can often be hazardous, especially to young children and pets. When choosing our cleaning products, we ensure they are non-toxic for use in your home or in your business so your family, pets, employees, and customers all remain safe from toxins and free from any allergic reactions.

Green Cleaning Services in Gainesville, FL

At Pristine Clean™, we stand by environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products in order to deliver the highest quality cleaning services in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding areas of North Central Florida. We are Gainesville’s first fully environmentally conscious cleaning company and strive to provide your with the latest, safest, and best green cleaning products. Contact us today for residential and commercial eco-friendly cleaning in Gainesville, FL.