Multi-Family Residences, Offices & Construction

Pristine Clean™ offers superior commercial cleaning service for Jacksonville, FL multi-family residences, offices, construction projects, and more.

Jacksonville Cleaning Services

On the surface, cleaning any business in Jacksonville sounds like cleaning a home. But often there are more electronics, equipment, and space to account for. Pristine Clean™ has a full range of Jacksonville cleaning services that can be adapted to your needs and schedule at any time. Pristine Clean™ strives to provide everyone with an immaculate business setting. No matter the size of your Jacksonville office or building, you can count on our qualified team of professional cleaners to get the job done.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Moving as a company can turn into a bigger hassle than a residential move because there's more people and things to move. Let us handle the cleaning before you move into a new office or after the last computer is packed. We have the elbow grease necessary to return any workspace to its original, spotless condition!

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning a Jacksonville business even once a year can give the space an opulent feeling. But who has the time between filling orders and helping customers? Pristine Clean™ does! Year-round we're ready to dig deep into your business to improve its appearance and air quality. Contact Pristine Clean™ today for a free estimate!

One-Time Commercial Cleaning Service

Hosting a company-wide conference soon in Jacksonville, FL? Call Pristine Clean™ to find out how our one-time commercial cleaner service will wow your guests! Or if the conference is over and you don't know where to start picking up, we've got you covered. Our after-hours appointments are perfect to ready the office for employees and guests.

Recurring Commercial Cleaning In Jacksonville

Don't worry about finding time to clean the break room or wipe down the lobby — Pristine Clean™ can do it for you! With our recurring commercial cleaning service, Jacksonville businesses always look their best. Our team vacuum the floors, take out the trash, and more so a clean workspace regularly greets your customers and employees. Contact us today to learn how recurring business cleaning is beneficial to any company!

Business Cleaning For Construction Projects

Construction is often an exciting time for a Jacksonville business as it means growth and expansion. But it comes with dust, dirt, and debris that someone has to clean up before business can begin. Pristine Clean™ offers cleaning services during and after construction. We clean and prep an area after one contractor finishes but before the next begins, or before your employees move in. Pristine Clean™ offers a construction cleaning service for businesses in Jacksonville that is great for new multi-family housing.

Cleaning Service For Businesses In Jacksonville

Our No. 1 goal at Pristine Clean™ is to provide the highest quality professional cleaning service to every Jacksonville, FL business. Part of how we do this with every customer is by using green cleaning services with Bona and Method products. These non-toxic products effectively clean without leaving trace amounts of harsh chemicals and allergens that can cause health issues for customers and employees. We believe in protecting our customers and the environment at the same time.

Contact Pristine Clean™ today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our Jacksonville cleaning services!