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The average Lake City home has five rooms. That's a lot for anyone to clean, especially on a regular basis. But for those who find house cleaning exhausting or simply don’t have the time to tidy up, a cleaner service is a great solution. At Pristine Clean™, we offer cleaning packages for all types of homes. You also may be surprised by just how affordable professional housekeeping can be!

Many Lake City residents work in the education, healthcare, retail, sales, and service industries, where hours are long and schedules fluid. If you’re kept busy with a job or other responsibilities, such as raising children or caring for elderly family members, you might not always have time to clean. Our recurring cleaning services can be a great help. You choose the intervals (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly), and we’ll keep your house pristinely clean all year-round.

You don’t have to be short on time to justify hiring a maid service. Maybe you take pride in cleaning your home, but you’re expecting visitors and want to impress them. We offer one-time cleanups for such occasions — we also offer deep cleaning for the hard-to-reach places (such as bathroom fan filters) that often get overlooked but may be noticed by guests. A one-time cleaning also is a great way to maintain harmony in the household by preventing arguments over whose turn it is to clean. Meanwhile, Lake City is known for its lakes and nearby wildlife areas, and having us clean your home gives you extra time to enjoy recreation and other activities.

Our house cleaning services also apply to rentals. If you’re leaving an apartment, our move-out cleaning service can help you impress the landlord and get back the deposit. Additionally, homeowners who are environmentally friendly or concerned about household chemicals around their children or pets will appreciate the non-toxic, biodegradable products we use in our green cleaning service. To find out just how much a clean house can improve your life, contact us today!

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