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Whether you need a year of maid service or you lately are finding it tough keeping up with housekeeping and just could use a day off, Pristine Clean™ offers a range of house cleaning services in Ocala. All our services are customizable to your house and needs. So whether you're looking for affordable or premium cleaning services, we’ll provide the package you desire and, as a result, leave you with a clean, healthy, and pristine home.

Compared to the rest of Florida, Ocala’s residents have just as much (or perhaps more) use for house cleaning. The city has more than 26,000 households that average three members and five rooms. Cleaning thus can be a big job for any resident and especially for those who work long hours in area’s main job sectors (including education, healthcare, food service, retail, and manufacturing) as well as those in the more than 5,000 households with children. Recurring cleaning services from Pristine Clean™ are an excellent solution for people with busy schedules. Based on your needs, you select how often we should clean (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly), and this way you have a clean, livable home environment all year-round.

Our one-time cleanups and deep-cleaning services also can benefit people in a range of situations. Since Ocala is crisscrossed by eight major roads, lots of residents travel on the weekends (and sometimes for weeks at a time). Not only can our maid service clean and organize the house during the homeowner’s absence, but we also can act as a second set of eyes, making sure everything is as it should be. You also have peace of mind knowing that we’ll treat your home as if it was our own and that we’ll deliver a high level of service that comes only from years of professional experience. To learn more about our cleaning services, please contact us today.

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